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Handmade Handicraft, a family business that was established in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal during 1970's with an aim to promote as much as Nepali handicrafts as possible. Nepali handicrafts have a uniqueness of their own and that is why we strongly encourage our clients on buying items that are made in Nepal.

Handmade Handicrafts as a website has been designed to be as simple and as easy as current technology allows us to be. We try and tend to all the queries sent to us prior any orders, which does not involve any monetary transactions. That is why we have not included any payment system in our website. However, through this site, we have facilitated all the functions of an e-commerce website and even more. Do feel free to contact us directly via email or any of the mobile applications listed. We hope to answer all of your queries as soon as we receive them.
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    Handmade Handicraft possesses a huge collection of Nepali handmade statues. These statues are made up of copper, brass or bronze, and are finished in various style like Gold plating, partly gold plating, oxidized or bronze finishing. In this category you will find a large variety of Tibetan and Nepali handmade statues which are used for religious as well as decorative purposes. The majority of the statues you see with us are handmade by the process of loss wax system, which is considered to be the ancient process of making the statue in Nepal. - 57 New Product(s)


    This is the collection of Miniature Statues for Devotees who prefers Small and Portable Statue. These statues are not Made by loss wax system But hand finished to Bring out sharp Details in the statute. - 13 New Product(s)


    This is fairly new category we are introducting to handmade expo. when we started with handmadeexpo we were in a strong belief that we will only sell Nepali status. But due to increasing demand of clients for cheaper alternative we have extending our reach. This is a start to diversify handmadeexpo to all from of art and craft regardless of its origin. This is just a start we will fruther diversify this category according to its popularity and Demand. .


    Kathmandu has always been rich from ancient time for its art, culture, History and Monuments. It possess lots of relic and ancient craft. This website has good collection of antique or curio goods which are found in Nepali homes. There are all consumer antiques they do not have any restriction as the relic of the country. So we basically have some sellable antiques which are not more than 200 years, and are not stolen, or has any archeological importance. Here we deal in antiques that are found in Normal Nepali homes, which has been unappreciated by their owners and treated as a scrap. We buy them and sell them in their well-deserved value. In the process we make sure that the previous owner has also received it due amount for their goods. We encourage Nepali collector to buy them, as we would really appreciate the ancient craft and art of Nepali to stay in Nepal and be appreciated. - 4 New Product(s)


    Presented here are, our unique collection of statues which are made by using turquoise powder cast. This process has a combination of handmade and machine introduced craftsmanship. Though the statues in this section are quite unique, they are very affordable and would be ideal for any purpose.


    Nepal is one of the best countries sought after for wooden handicrafts. Almost all the temples here display a high quality of craftsmanship which is yet to be found in any other parts of the world. Here in this section we are trying to collect best of Nepali wooden crafts available.

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